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Fingerprint Browser
Anti-Detection Browser

Nstbrowser — All-in-one Anti-Detect Browser for Web Scraping and Multi-Account Management


Nstbrowser is a cutting-edge anti-detect browser designed for professionals managing multiple accounts, offering unparalleled web scraping, automation, and profile management capabilities. Compatible with Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium, it integrates proxy management and unlocking technologies for a seamless experience.

What is an antidetect browser?

Before we delve into its features, let's first understand what an antidetect browser is.

Managing multiple accounts across various online platforms can often lead to account bans?, primarily because many platforms have rules against operating multiple accounts. But how do platforms identify multiple accounts? Through browser fingerprints ?️. These fingerprints collect data about your device's specifications, such as IP address, screen resolution, and system fonts, which can uniquely identify you online. Operating multiple accounts from the same device can make platforms flag them as duplicates.

To circumvent this, antidetect browsers were developed. An antidetect browser allows you to create multiple browser profiles, each with a unique digital fingerprint. This lets you disguise your actual online presence, making each account appear as if operated by different users, thus avoiding potential bans.

For what do you need an antidetect browser

Antidetect browsers come into play wherever there's a need to manage multiple accounts discreetly. Here are some areas where they shine:

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, the use of multiple accounts is a common strategy to widen reach and opportunity. Categorizing products and promoting them through different accounts can enhance your marketing effectiveness.

Online advertising

Multiple ad accounts can increase exposure and conversion chances. Antidetect browsers allow for varied ad placements, increasing the likelihood of campaign success.


Selling in different regions and categories on one E-commerce platform can boost your business. However, if the platform detects multiple accounts from the same user, it could lead to a ban. Antidetect browsers help avoid this

Bounty & Airdrop

Participating in cryptocurrency bounties and airdrops often requires maintaining multiple accounts to receive tokens. Antidetect browsers can mask your digital footprint, allowing you to participate in various events without triggering fraud detection systems.

Web Scraping

Automating data extraction from websites is challenging when faced with anti-bot technology and CAPTCHAs. Antidetect browsers can disguise scraping bots as legitimate users, enabling more efficient and uninterrupted data harvesting.

Market Research

Conducting thorough market research necessitates a broad and undistorted view of the market. Antidetect browsers can simulate access from different locations and devices, providing more accurate insights without being skewed by personalized content or restrictions.

Privacy and Anonymity

Maintaining privacy online is crucial for sensitive research and browsing. Antidetect browsers enhance anonymity by obfuscating your online activities, protecting you from tracking and data profiling.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies managing campaigns and profiles across various platforms need to avoid cross-contamination of user data. Antidetect browsers facilitate the management of client accounts separately and securely.

Multi-Account Operations

Managing numerous accounts for social media or e-commerce platforms effectively requires keeping each account’s activity isolated. Antidetect browsers allow the simultaneous operation of multiple accounts from one device without detection.

Data Collection for AI

Collecting diverse datasets is essential for training sophisticated AI models, such as Language Learning Models (LLMs), Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), or Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). Antidetect browsers can assist in gathering extensive data by evading bans and limitations set by websites.

Additional capabilities of an antidetect browserApart from preventing bans

antidetect browsers offer several other benefits:

- Teamwork: Distribute tasks among team members, each with access only to their relevant profiles.

- Automation: Save countless hours by automating routine tasks.

- Centralized information: Manage vast numbers of accounts without additional tools.

- User-friendly: Antidetect browsers are generally easier to learn and come with community and support for troubleshooting.A professional browser should be functional and reasonably priced, just like any other essential tool.

What makes Nstbrowser stand out?

Nstbrowser stands out with its features that ensure anonymity and ease in managing multiple accounts. Some of its key features include:

- Browser fingerprint management

Set unique digital fingerprints for each browser window.

- Multi-account management

Handle multiple accounts efficiently with batch import/export and task creation.

- Automated operations:

Built-in automation to enhance productivity

- Team collaboration:

Assign roles and permissions for team-based operations.

- Cookie management:

Insert custom cookies to transfer and manage accounts seamlessly.

- Competitive pricing:

Nstbrowser offers a cost-effective solution with essential features available even in its free version.

Key Features

- Compatibility with Automation Frameworks:

Fully compatible with popular web automation frameworks like Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium, allowing for seamless integration into existing projects.

- Built-in Proxy Management:

Offers sophisticated proxy management capabilities, enabling users to bypass geo-restrictions and anti-bot measures with ease.

- Advanced Unlocking Technology:

Equipped with state-of-the-art unlocking technology to navigate through captchas and sophisticated website protections, ensuring reliable access to web content.

- Multi-Account Management:

Designed for professionals requiring the management of multiple accounts or profiles, Nstbrowser provides tools to operate numerous sessions simultaneously without detection.

Documentation and Integration

Nstbrowser’s documentation provides comprehensive guides on integrating with Puppeteer and Selenium, showcasing how to connect to launched browsers, launch and connect to browsers with specific profiles, and create and connect to browsers with custom configurations.

Puppeteer Integration

The [Puppeteer integration guide] details the steps for connecting to Nstbrowser using Puppeteer, including launching browsers, connecting to existing sessions, and managing browser configurations.

Selenium Integration

The [Selenium integration guide] outlines how to use Nstbrowser with Selenium for web automation tasks, covering similar functionalities as the Puppeteer integration but tailored for the Selenium ecosystem.

Getting Started

To get started with Nstbrowser, visit [Nstbrowser’s official website] for more information on features, pricing, and how to begin integrating Nstbrowser into your web scraping and automation workflows.

Nstbrowser represents a leap forward in web automation technology, providing the tools necessary to navigate the modern web’s complexities with ease and efficiency. Whether you’re a developer, a QA engineer, or a data scientist, Nstbrowser offers the advanced capabilities you need to achieve your web scraping, managing multiple accounts effectively and automation objectives .

Nstbrowser — All-in-one Anti-Detect Browser for Web Scraping and Multi-Account Management

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